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British Parliament House London
Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry

23 October – 29 October 2019

Program( 7 Days & Certificates)

Hopeman Symposium Conference 2019 – Parliament House UK Brexit
Conference Minister Presentation & Dinner – Central London

Pakistan High Commission London visit – (Morning) Workshop in University of Surrey (Half Day) United KingdomHouse of Manners – Introduction Session in University of Surrey

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry visit Nottingham Flying,Training at Nottingham City Airport – (Site Visit)

Birmingham Shopping Centre (Visit)Hopeman Social & Multi Cultural Cohesion in Diverse Communities (Gala Dinner, Award Ceremony, Musical Night)

Workshop Human Rights in the Workplace Strategic and Tactical Planning Tools - Study Technology Educational Visit – (Optional) Drug Rehab and Mental Health - Drug Free World Programme

Workshop in Coventry University United Kingdom - Workshop in Cranfield Flying
School Milton Keynes (Half Day) Managing Human Factors Affecting Flight Crew Performance

The world’s most important gathering of ministers, senior executives and academics – Global Opportunities Beyond Brexit

23 October,2019 Exponential

Package Included



Certified Workshops

Training Award Certificated